COLUMN VOL.10 - Offshore Windfarm Construction and Ship Types / Part 2-

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Last time, the first part of "About the construction of offshore windfarm and the type of ship "About the construction of offshore windfarm I introduced it. This time, the second part is about the ship used in the construction of a offshore windfarm.

There are about 10 types of ships used when installing offshore wind power generation equipment. Ships specializing in each work are active during construction and operation.

Types of ships active in offshore windmill construction

① Marine exploration ship 

In the construction of offshore windfarms, it is used for survey on the seabed and boring surveys to determine the basic format and specifications. The name of the marine research ship includes "Chikyu" and "Mirai". You may have heard of your name once.

Source: Nippon Yusen Co., Ltd. Conclusion of the geological research ship collaboration in Ge enthusiasts

② Self -raised stand ship (SEP ship)

The "self -raised type" is a mechanism that emits four legs on the sea floor after the ship arrives at the destination, floats from the sea surface by jacking the hull, and independent. Generally, it is also called a SEP ship (acronym for Self-Elevating Platform).

It can be worked in the sea area of ​​10 to 65m in water, and is not affected even when the sea is rough and the waves are high, and it is characterized by stable posture.

Source: The SEP "Kashiwazuru" for the construction of Obayashi Gumi Water Wind Power Station is completed

③ Half -submarine boat/Tabune

A semi -submarine is a ship that can sail the hull to some extent. It is used for transportation such as landing basics and float -type foundations for offering, and can be improved in the efficiency of work because the float can be raised and advanced in a semi -submarine state offshore.


Source: Toda Construction Co., Ltd. Floating Weather Wind Power Power Power Pamphlet Pamphlet Beach Beach

④ Heading machine ship

The ship is commonly equipped with a crane on the ship, and it is a ship specialized in the application of a windfarm and foundation structure.

Source: Japan Work Ferry Association Kinger Ship

⑤ Cable facility ship

Used for new, repair, and removal of seabed cables. In order to prevent the bottom of the bottom net fishing or anchoring accident, there are some things that can be buried on the seabed.

In the deep sea, it seems that it is often laid along the seabed terrain on the seabed. It has a huge drum on the deck and store cables.

Source: Notice regarding the construction of Oriental Construction Cable Lighting Ship

⑥ Gyeong wind power generation access ships

It plays the role of a transportation ship to transport workers to a offshore wind power plant. It is often a twin -body ship type so that it can be transferred safely under severe weather and sea conditions.

Source: Tokyo Kisen Co., Ltd.

Pure domestic SEP ships are full

In the industry, the world's largest SEP ship "Blue Wind", which was performed by Shimizu Construction in the fall of 2022. SEP ships are essential for the construction of offshore windfamrs, but it was still small in Japan.3)

Source: Shimizu Construction Renewable Energy Energy's largest self -wake SEP ship a writer

You can imagine the size of this ship with this number alone.

It seems that Blue Wind can transport a large amount of materials at once, for example, if it is a 8 -MW -class wind turbine, seven units can be installed in 10 days, and if it is a 12MW class, 3 units can be installed in 5 days. This is about half of the conventional construction period.

In addition, the construction method will make more efficient construction than the conventional method, which needs to be divided into two pillars or a round trip between the harbor and the construction sea area. For example, if there are three pillars in height, a power generation equipment installed at the top, and a blade about 80 meters long, it is now installed and assembled.

Furthermore, as a domestic SEP ship, it has been devised to increase the occupancy rate in the high waves of the Sea of ​​Japan in the winter, and it is said that 90 % of the occupancy rate (number of days) can be secured.

Global winds account for foundations other than structure, the cost of systematic and installation are nearly half.3)For business operators, shortening the work period by this SEP ship is directly linked to the reduction in project costs. In fact, in May 2023, three 3MW wind turbines were enforced off Irizen -cho, Shimokawa -gun, Toyama Prefecture.4)

Recently, the Ministry of the Environment promotes "2050" Towards the realization of carbon neutralThe introduction of offshore wind power generation is accelerating. I hope that the day when purely domestic windmills will be in operation will come someday, including vessels related to construction, as well as vessels involved in business. 

Link information

3) the Japanese Wind Power Energy Society of Energy Vol.43 No.3 2019 Ocean Industrial Structure and Challenges P.419-422
4) Shimizu Construction Co., Ltd. has completed the world's largest SEP ship "Blue Wind"

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