COLUMN VOL.11 ~ I went to visit Oki -Yojo WF WF ~

Hello, this is Taiuchi and Mito in Relatech. It will be early this spring,I visited the construction site of the offshore wind power plant off Irizen -cho, Toyama Prefecture.This time,We will deliver the feeling of visiting the Irizen -cho Okiwai WF from each perspective.

Watch the world's largest SEP ship "Blue Wind"

SEP ship BLUEWIND at Nanao Port

Tanai: From April to June this yearOffshore Yokoyama, Irizen -cho, Toyama Prefecture, the construction of implanted off -the -go -powered power generation facilities by the world's largest self -raised work storm (SEP boat) was being carried out. We members visited Irizencho for the purpose of this tour. On the day of the visit, the SEP ship was not anchored off the coast of Yokoyama Irizen -cho, and observed one windmill from the land, which had already been attached to the base. After that, I moved to a SEP boat anchored in Nanao Port, Ishikawa Prefecture, and was able to visit the long -awaited SEP ship from a distance.

Polar and blade

SEP ships, like a giant collective facility, can be found from a distance that they can be picked up from a distance, and even the pillars of windmills, which are 152 meters from the sea surface, look small. I was overwhelmed by its size.

Workers on Nacell Off the coast of Yokoyama Irizen -cho

Since the offshore windmills in Irizen -cho are installed near the port, the characteristic shapes of the windmills and the workers on the nassell were clearly seen with the naked eye.

Tomoko Tanai
In Relatech's business, he was in charge of coordinating cooperation with overseas companies and organizations for wind power development, and was in charge of operating an observation equipment test site off Aomori Prefecture.


Four attempts in Irizen -cho Oki Western WF

Mito: At the Oki Western World Irizencho, "" "Work on a domestic SEP ship"Being a small offshore window" "" ""Profy project in regional banks」「Chinese windmill"Was four new initiatives.

This WF has only three small WFs compared to general offshore WFs, and at the time of inspection, the installation of the windmill of Unit 1 is completed, and the basic part of Unit 2 and 3 is installed. I was.

Standing signboard for construction work

In addition, I heard that the distance here is within 1 km and it is close to land, so it is easy for the inspection to visit, and that you can enjoy a wonderful scenery during the SEP ship construction. Unfortunately, on the day, the second windmill was loaded at the base port, so it could not be seen at the construction site.

Instead, I was able to see the scenes of multiple workers working on wiring and other work at the landing point of the submarine cable on the track and the first aircraft. I realized that I was working hard to complete it.

Landscape off Yokoyama Irizen -cho
The installed windmill and the foundation before installation

In addition, all members went to the SEP ship to Nanao Port, the base port, saying, "I want to see the real Blue Wind, I want to see the real thing!" The wharf could not be approached because it was prohibited from entering other than the stakeholders, but the fact that all three windmills are loaded and loaded is only the world's largest SEP ship ... I was amazed.

I was able to talk to the guards who manage the pier, but it takes time to get used to piloting as a new ship, and troubles unique to the site in the event of a large earthquake in Suzu City. I was able to hear the raw voice of the crew of the SEP ship. 

It is said that the operation of Irizencho Oki WF WF will start in September, and from the end of last year to the operation of Akita Port and Noshiro Minato WF at the beginning of the year, you will realize that offshore wind power plants will rise one after another in Japan. It was a visited inspection.

Group photo by drone
Toshiari Mito
In Relatech's business, the rider for wind power development has been conducting a windshade observation work, and several research on riders has been conducted.


After inspection

It is not related to windmills, but Relatec beforeSupport with crowdfunding"" In Toyama Prefecture "Fork toyamaI had lunch with. We operate a new form of childcare with the concept of "making it more free to work and soyba."

The facilities surrounded by greenery had cafes and co -working spaces, and it was a relaxed space. It is said that we are conducting activities from all perspectives, mainly for child -rearing, and we are making a wonderful initiative. In this way, I hope that activities to create the future of Japan will be born more and more in various areas.

As a wind -up consultant, Relatech will conduct an optimal air -based survey using "observation" and "estimation" for wind power.