COLUMN VOL.3 ~ A university / laboratory where you can learn the wind situation survey for wind power generation: Part 2-

Hello, this is Misaki from Rera Tech. I'm in charge of wind resource simulation and analysis.

Last time, I introduced "Universities / Laboratory where you can learn the style survey for wind power generation: Part 1", so this time it will be the second part.

The vulgarity survey in wind power is a field where advanced expertise is questioned.

In order to learn a windshade survey, there are approaches such as "practical learning by a consultant company, specializing in wind power generation operators and air -conditioning surveys," or "acquired by self -taught."

Among them, especially those who want to learn in earnest, we recommend that you belong to a university laboratory to learn from the basics and work on research themes.

In addition, private companies that are considering joint research with universities often want to know what kind of laboratory can be collaborated with.

In this column, a part of the laboratory that conducts research on wind -powered power generation, while touching on its characteristics."Universities / laboratory where you can learn the wind situation survey for wind power generation"I would like to introduce you.


University of Tsukuba Research Center Hiroyuki Kusaka Laboratory1)

Hiroyuki Kusako is a laboratory that works in a wide range of fields, such as urban climate, mountain weather, and applied weather.

Research on the style survey is also part of that, and there is a characteristic of research related to the development of wind -state forecast methods and the amount of wind -powered energization, which apply air conditioning simulation by weather models.

Hirosaki University Regional Strategic Research Institute Wind and marine energy laboratory2)

For the purpose of research and development of renewable energy use technology for promoting agriculture and fisheries rooted in the region, the wind and marine energy laboratory is engaged in efforts such as the potential survey of wind energy and prediction evaluation by numerical analysis. 。

From the perspective of regional contribution, conducting research in collaboration with the locals is an important approach to spread wind power, so it is a reputable university.

Tokyo Marine University Faculty of Marine Resource Environment Marine Meteorological Laboratory3)

The Ocean Meteorological Laboratory is working on research focusing on satellite data analysis and outdoor observations with the aim of improving accuracy of the resource evaluation of offshore wind power generation.

Of these, the style survey using satellite data is NEOWINS.4)In addition to being used in the development of, it has recently been developed by private companies and is one of the notable techniques.


This time, we introduced a laboratory of a university where you can learn the wind -powered style survey for wind power.

In order to solve various problems related to wind power, human resource development and research and development in universities and laboratory are indispensable. We hope that the field of academics will continue to create innovative technologies that lead the wind market.

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As a wind -up consultant, Relatech will conduct an optimal air -based survey using "observation" and "estimation" for wind power. Please feel free to contact us if you have any consultation on the style.

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