COLUMN VOL.5 ~ Volume rider in the wind status observation, first part ~

Hello, this is Mito from Rera Tech. I'm mainly in charge of wind resource observation.

At the end of last year, the first commercial and exposed off -shore wind in Japan began to operate. Next year, we are not going to operate a commercial floating -style off -wind power, and it is impressive to think that it is the beginning of Japan's offshore wind power.

By the way, the topic this time is the type of vertical rider (hereinafter referred to as "VL" (Vertical Lidar)) for wind power generation.

Before the construction of wind power generation, based on the air -conditioned data obtained by the wind status observation, the amount of power generation of the windmill will be predicted and the design will be evaluated, and business evaluation will be implemented. Therefore, it is very important how accurate the airspape observations are implemented, because the wind speed alone will greatly affect business performance evaluation.

This time, we will introduce the VLs mainly introduced in Japan, including the viewpoint of the handling of each model.

Three main models of VL used in Japan

Table 1 VL Overview

① DIABREZZA W made by Mitsubishi Electric

It is a model mainly introduced mainly for domestic government offices and research institutions. The observation mechanism is observed by tilting the laser light 30 degrees diagonally to the four directions north and south and irradiating the sky. The software for remote monitoring is for Firefox only, but it can be executed and operated on a web browser, so it is relatively easy to maintain the execution environment.

In addition, the secure is relatively high because the connected IP address is assigned for each device, and the ID and password are set. Regarding the settings, it is characterized by the fact that the user can adjust and set the observation specifications in detail from the software.

In addition, since the ACDC conversion unit and remote communication unit are designed separately, the unit can be selected according to the power supply specification and site environment. The communication method is remote monitoring in the docomo radio wave provision environment because the use of the docomo line is specified.

★Our operation point★

Mitsubishi ElectricDIABREZZA Wteeth,Since there are not many cases of introduction in Japan, it is a model with fewer experienced users compared to the other two models.

To our company, hard,Inspired by network settings and various observation settings on software aspectsThe person who passed is enrolled, soPlease feel free to contact us when considering.

② Vaisala WindCubev2.1

Originally developed by Leosphere, Vaisala acquired LeoSphere in April 2022 and the company name has been changed. The observation mechanism has the same mechanism as the DIABREZZA W, and the software for remote monitoring of this unit can be executed on a basic web browser, including Firefox, so it is easier to develop the execution environment among the three models.

Unlike DIABREZZA W, it is possible to manage multiple units simultaneously with one account, so it is easy to operate when introducing multiple aircraft.

However, in terms of security, account management must be strict. The communication method can be used for the docomo, KDDI, and SoftBank line, so it can be observed according to the site environment.

★Our operation point★

We have developed a remote monitoring device on its own in the form of specifications, and has a unique IP address for each device. By doing so, we have achieved observations that enable account management for each device (= strengthened security).

③ ZX300 manufactured by ZX LIDARS

As an observation mechanism (light source) different from the above two models, continuous waves are used, and it is characterized by being able to observe low altitude (10m) wind conditions. Specifically, it is a mechanism to identify 50 times in a conical shape while rotating the laser light diagonally 30 degrees.

The software for remote monitoring of this unit is developed and provided by the company by the company, and can be executed and operated on WindowsPC (MacOS has not been confirmed).

It can be said that security is the highest among the three models because the IP address with a connected destination is given for each device and the ID and password are set and the dedicated software (only ZX holders have). 。

On the other hand, because it is not a browser execution, access from a smartphone is not possible, and on site operations, it is essential to carry PCs such as tough books.

Although the communication method depends on the distributor, the use of the docomo line is basically specified, and remote monitoring is possible in the docomo radio wave provision environment.

★Our operation point★

Since we are working with the ZX LIDARS agency Toyota Tsusho, it is possible to quickly contact the developer even in the event of an abnormal observation data at the time of operation. In addition, even in the power of the power supply, it is possible to make proposals as a whole by Toyota Tsusho's fuel cells.

About the characteristics of each VL model

Introducing the characteristics of each VL model and the impression when we implemented it so far.

Table 2 Characteristics of each VL model

Each VL has advantages and disadvantages, so it is necessary to consider based on the characteristics of each model. Relatec proposes VLs that are in your site environment based on observation results and experience.

Second partThen, ""Derived model of heavy salt damage measures specifications"and"Optional equipment for winter snow damage measuresI will continue to introduce you.

As a wind -up consultant, Relatech will conduct an optimal air -based survey using "observation" and "estimation" for wind power.

Go gameIf you have the VL you want, we will also plan an observation plan based on it, so please feel free to contact us.