COLUMN VOL.6 ~ Type of Vertical Lidar in wind situation observation, second part ~

Hello, this is Mito from Rera Tech inc.. I'm mainly in charge of wind resource observation.

last time, as Type of Vertical Lidar in wind resource observation, Part 1, I introduced "3 main models of VL used in Japan". This time in the second part, I will introduce two derivative models used for offshore wind observation.

Derived model of heavy salt damage measures specifications

WindCubeV2.1 and ZX300 have a derivative model that assumes the use of the offshore Floating Lidar System (hereinafter FLS) and the use of breakwater and coasts.

The specific product name is "WindCube V2.1 Offshore" and "ZX300M", which are heavy salt damage specifications.

Table 1 VL Overview

In each case, the internal OS and remote monitoring system are no different from each conventional machine, but the appearance, weight, cable connector, etc. are different because the housing is enhanced and airtightness. I am.

Derived models for winter snow damage measures

In addition, WindCubev2.1 and ZX300 are sold separately for winter snow damage.

Table 2 Winter Kit

WindCubeveV2.1 Winter Kit has a box -shaped shape that covers the VL as it is, and is a mechanism to dissolve the snow piled up in the VL by the built -in heater by the AC power supply.

 It depends on the amount of snow, but even if there is no AC power supply, the upper surface is designed in a diagonal shape so that the snow slips down, so you can get a certain effect than when not installed.

 On the other hand, the ZX Lindars Jacket Winter Kit for ZX300 has a cold -proof jacket around a VL like a roll, reducing the decrease in internal temperature due to the outside air.

 There is no built -in heater here, but since the lens surface of the VL itself is designed in the first place, the snow slips down, so it is a design idea that does not require snow melting on the lens surface.

 Each VL has advantages and disadvantages, so it is necessary to consider based on the characteristics of each model. Rera Tech proposes VLs that are in your site environment based on observation results and experience.

I would like to introduce the results of the accuracy verification of each model and the deterioration of accuracy in observations under complex terrain in the next column.


As a wind -up consultant, Relatech will conduct an optimal air -based survey using "observation" and "estimation" for wind power.

If you have a VL you want, we will also plan an observation plan based on it, so please feel free to contact us.