COLUMN VOL.7 ~ DX and GX digitalization and decarbonized society about DX Part 1

Hello, this is Nakasato from Rera Tech Inc.. I'm in charge of observations, analysis, and simulation related to the wind resource assessment.

AI technology is dramatically improving as projects for offshore wind development are steadily progressing around the world. ChatGPT, released by OpenAI at the end of last year, has attracted a hot topic as a tool that can use AI in a natural dialogue style like a human.

By the way, the topic I want to introduce in the Rera Tech column this time is "DX, GX digitalization and decarbonized society".

With the development of digital technology, the importance of "Digital Transformation(DX)", which is imported into corporate business and creates new value, has been a long time since it has been a long time, but on the other hand, Rera Tech is also related to renewable energy. In the tide of a global carbon native, I frequently hear the word "GX (Green Transformation)".

These two words, but I have never examined the meaning of each meaning and how to use it.

This time, I hope that I can consider this topic, including the meaning of my own study.

The first is the column of "DX". What is DX in the first part and the second part and the actual examples.

What is DX (Digital Transformation)?

DX is a concept proposed by Professor Erik Stolterman of the University of Sweden in 2004, and is translated directly.

"IT penetration changes people's lives in a better direction in all aspects"

It means that · · ·

It has a fairly powerful meaning, not limited to business territory, but focuses on the whole life of people.

In Japan, the focus of DX has been defined in an easy -to -understand manner by hitting the business area in an easy -to -understand manner, as a guideline to promote digital transformations (aka DX guidelines) in December 2018. 。

To them

Transform traditional businesses and organizations so that they can generate new added value in advanced future markets, through the utilization of advanced digital technology such as AI and IoT.

It is described, and more specific actions and goals are summarized as guidelines, boosting DX conversion of companies.

The word "digitalization" in a similar sense to DX is called "digitalization", but this is the purpose of using digital technology to improve the efficiency of digitization and automation, so digitalization is DX. It is one way to make it.

In other words, DX is the goal of aiming for "change" to change the work itself and create new added value.

* Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Information and Communications White Paper:
* Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications DX Guidelines:

Evolved DX

The DX procedure is explained in an easy -to -understand manner on the website of Nomura Research Institute Co., Ltd., so I will introduce it as a reference material.

Here, the "change" of DX is classified into multiple stages, and the items to be realized in each change and the achievements they aim for are summarized.

* Quoted from the Nomura Research Institute website (

Among the various investigations this time, I realized that it was important to first accumulate each and every "change" in the realization of DX.

In particular, I think that the "business model change", which is also a DX kimo, may be successful for the first time after the process transformation and infrastructure change in the previous stage have been achieved for the first time. For that reason, I realized that the review of the current business model and the understanding of the process are indispensable for the realization of DX.

next Second partLet's introduce examples of various industries that have realized DX.

As a wind -up consultant, Relatech will conduct an optimal air -based survey using "observation" and "estimation" for wind power.