COLUMN VOL.8 ~ DX and GX digitalization and decabonized society about DX Part 2

Hello, this is Nakasato from Rera Tech Inc.. I'm in charge of observations, analysis, and simulation related to the wind resource assessment.

Last time, I talked about the first part of the topic, "DX, GX digitalization and decarbonized society". This is the second part, "About the example of DX".

In writing this column, I would like to introduce some examples of DX that was very helpful personally.

DX Practice Example ①: Taxi industry

The taxi industry has a long history of nearly 100 years in Japan, but recently, the convenience has been greatly improved, such as the spread of electronic payments widely and being able to complete the arrangement of vehicle distribution with smartphone apps.

Among them, Nippon Kotsu Co., Ltd., one of the leading taxi companies in Japan, has greatly contributed to the realization of DX in the taxi industry.

Until now, taxi companies have the following issues.

  • You cannot grasp the demand for taxis different from the time and area
  • Taxis cannot be dispatched to the right place, making it difficult to increase the occupancy rate


In particular, grasping taxi demand and dispatching to appropriate places rely on drivers's experience and intuition, and as a decline in taxi demand in the corona, efficient dispatch is an important issue in the taxi industry as a whole. It was done.

Therefore, AI analyzes information such as taxi operation results, population dynamics and weather at the time of the event, and predicts a place with high demand for boarding was introduced.

In addition, for users, we have developed a smartphone app that allows taxis to be dispatched simply by specifying the boarding position. This makes it easier to arrange a taxi.

The smartphone app for users developed at this time has been taken over by the current dispatch application "GO" and contributes to further convenience.

* Quoted from Nippon Kotsu GO introduction website (

In addition, a tablet terminal was installed in the back seat of the taxi, and the use of a mobile line was enabled to distribute videos.

We succeeded in introducing taxi advertisements that have been commonly regarded on trains and buses.

DX Practice ②: Forestry

  * Quoted from the official website of Hyakumori Co., Ltd. (

In the village of Nishiawakura Village, Okayama Prefecture, "Hyakumori Co., Ltd.", which manages the forest, had the following tasks during thinning work.

  • The entire process is unclear
  • There is an information gap between individuals due to implicit business procedures
  • There is a bias in the balance of tasks between individuals
  • Opening of business transfer and work is unclear

Therefore, we implemented the existing business flow visualization in top -down, and worked on the formatting of the procedure and managing personal tasks.

First, we introduced an in -house Wiki for the recording of work procedures and the form of work style, and then started visualizing work. Tasks are visualized by ticketing the work status, and an environment has been established so that individual busy conditions and remaining tasks can be confirmed immediately.

* Quoted from Redmine utilization introduction page in Hyakumori Forestry Co., Ltd.

As a result, it has become possible to return the work and levelize the amount of work, making it easier for the business outlook to stand out. Even traditional primary industries have succeeded in creating various "changes" due to the realization of DX.

When proceeding with DX

Through the investigation of the case, I realized the "visualization of work" and "importance of appropriate tool selection". In order to promote the visualization of work while promoting normal work, the load on existing work is inevitably increased, and the parties are also difficult.

We thought that the cooperation of other members and the reform consciousness of everyone would be important in order to ensure visualization under such circumstances.

Regarding the selection of tools, it is not always sticking to the state -of -the -art IT technology, but is familiar with the work, whether the tools to be introduced really meet the functions that are really necessary, and then operate properly after introducing them. I thought it would be necessary to correctly determine.

In the next column in charge of Nakasato, I would like to introduce "GX", which is highly relevant to the renewable energy that Rera Tech is working on.

As a wind -up consultant, Relatech will conduct an optimal air -based survey using "observation" and "estimation" for wind power.