COLUMN VOL.9 ~ Offshore Windfarm Construction and Ship Types / Part 1-

Hello, this is Shintaku from Rera Tech inc.. I'm in charge of wind simulation and analysis. The new year has begun. At Kobe University, which is located in the Rera Tech headquarters, I feel the liveliness of the new year. The innocence of students who seem to be new students is spilled. I would like to cherish the challenge spirit for a year so that I will not lose to an energetic student.

By the way, the topic introduced this time is "about the construction of offshore windfarm and the type of ships".

The news of offshore windfarm off the coast of Akita Prefecture, which was announced earlier this year, was very eye -catching. Some acquaintances in the same industry went to visit, but praised, "I was too magnificent and surprised," and "the values ​​for windmills have changed."

This offshore windmfarm in Akita costs about 100 billion yen, and the construction period for land and offering is about 3 years.1)And it is a very large power generation business.

How is the sea windfarm of this size built? I was very worried personally. In this column, I would like to introduce the construction of offshore windmills and the characteristics of the related ships in the first part and the second part.

Until the installation of offshore wind power generation equipment

In the construction of windmills on the offshore, it is a major flow to carry out components such as windmill feather (blade) and pillars (tower) from the port and perform construction work on the sea.

Specifically, after carrying and constructing the foundation, the blades, nasel (drive portion), and tower of the windmill are transported to the sea and installed on the basics. If it is a large -scale offshore wind farm, the number of years of construction will spans multiple years.

Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Port 2023-4-26)

All of these series of tasks are performed on the sea, so you need various special ships. Ship plays the role of construction vehicles such as cranes and trucks, such as land construction.

About 10 kinds of ships are listed as ships related to the construction and operation of offshore wind tons.2)

In the second part of the column, I would like to take a closer look at the roles for these ships.

1) Akita Yoshi Wind Power Corporation Co., Ltd.
2) Japanese Wind Power Energy Society of Energy Society Vol.44 No.4 2020 Global Wind Cleans Installation Construction and Ship P.595-599

As a wind -up consultant, Relatech will conduct an optimal air -based survey using "observation" and "estimation" for wind power.