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COLUMN VOL.2 ~ A university / laboratory where you can learn the wind situation survey for wind power generation: Part 1-

Hello, this is Misaki from Rera Tech. I'm in charge of wind resource simulation and analysis. Kobe, which has our headquarters, is close to the sea and mountains, so we can feel nature. It is a familiar land blowing from Mt. Rokko. On the other hand, I feel that it is a moderately urban and very easy -to -live city. There are many tourist attractions represented by "Kobe Harborland" and "Kitano Ijinkan Street", and public transportation is substantial, so why not visit it once?

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COLUMN VOL.1 -About Australia's energy policy and wind power generation market-

Hello, this is Konagaya, who is the representative of Rera Tech.In Tohoku, where I visit on a business trip, the cold in the morning and evening is stronger, and it seems that winter visits are approaching as soon as possible (is it still early)? The topic introduced this time is "About Australia's energy policy and wind power generation market".

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