Considering the earth 100 years ahead and providing multifaceted consulting that makes use of specialized -founding stories (Part 2)

(Relatech founding member: Kohana, Uchiyama, Mito, Mitsu from left)

Research and development -type venture company Relatec Co., Ltd., which specializes in the only offshore wind in Japan. We provide consulting on the wind status surveys such as wind status observation, numerical simulation, and data analysis, focusing on private companies.

The founding member of the founding member, the Lela Tech founding story. The second part talks about the strengths and visions that are unique to Relatech.

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Providing "multifaceted consulting" with a connection between private companies and universities

Please tell me the unique strengths of Lela Tech.

See:Since each member has a specialized field, I think that the strength is to be able to consult from various angles. He has been a member of a private company as an expert in wind observation, offshore winds, and analysis of the wind situation and as an environmental consultant. In addition, as an academic researcher at Kobe University, he has a track record of conducting research on offshore winds at the forefront. By linking skills and knowledge in other fields, it is possible to solve essential issues and provide solutions.

Uchiyama:For example, even if you contact us about the wind observation, if you judge that you need to follow up and follow up in the whole project, we will carefully explain and propose that point. Instead of responding only to the content of the request, we value the essential support of "What is needed to complete the project?"

See:Certainly, that is a big point that customers can feel safe. The gathering of experts in each field with achievements and technical skills has made it easier to accumulate information on offshore wind. This makes it easier to identify issues and lead the optimal solution.

Mito:As the transition from landing wind to offshore winds, the number of things to be considered more than land has increased overwhelmingly, and the number of situations where advanced technology has been required has increased. However, a small number of general consulting companies specialize in offshore wind power, and there are many times when they can take sufficient discussions and solve problems. But if it's Relatech, you can talk about one task from a multi -angle. I think that place itself is rare in Japan.

Kohaya:The need to set up state -of -the -art initiatives and places to accumulate information in Japan was that members spoke before the founding. I wonder if I was able to embody the place by establishing Relatech. The university research institution is developing more and more new technologies. The biggest strength is that in collaboration with Kobe University, you can quickly provide high -quality solutions to private companies.

See:On the other hand, Relatec is the good thing that can reflect the real voice of private companies in university research. While universities can do professional research, there are still many parts that have not dropped research results on the site.

Uchiyama:But every day, we can directly hear the sense of issues that private companies have. "What are you looking for in the field?" "What kind of research do you need to do for that?" Instead of being a desk theory, we have been discussing research content according to the site.

Mito:We communicate with research institutions centered on Kobe University while sucking up the sense of issues of private companies. It is a unique feature of Relatec that can have a connection with the two directions.

For the earth 100 years ahead. Mission to convey the way of offshore wind

─── Please tell us the future vision and the future that Relatech is aiming for.

Kohaya:In order to realize our vision, "Create the Earth that I want to live 100 years ahead", we will challenge with the mission of "Designing energy and the future of society with weather x IT." I believe that spreading renewable energy and offshore wind will play important parts not only in Japan but also for creating a better world. I want to expand the circle that we can contribute, looking at the future a little further.

See:I think that it is one of the missions to convey the way of the sea wind to society widely. There is already a connection with university research institutions, academic societies, and specific industries, but since it is a highly specialized field, the connection with ordinary people is still sparse. I hope that Relatec will be responsible for that.

Uchiyama:I would be glad if you were interested in wind power generation through Relatech, who would like to work together or be involved in the industry. I hope you can get around and create a good circulation.

Mito:Energy issues tend to be shunned from professional and difficult fields, but it is an indispensable story of electricity in our lives. Knowing where and how energy is created and reaching us, including offshore winds, can also create the earth 100 years ahead.

(Listman / writing / Misato Kaizu edited / Hisae Sasaki)


Founding member profile

Representative director, Mizuki Konagaya (Konagaya Mizuki)

After graduating from the University of Tsukuba University (Meteorological and Hymphology Services), he was mainly engaged in consulting work on renewable energy at an environmental consultant for 10 years. Since 2016, he has been enrolled in a doctoral program at Kobe University and conducts research on offshore style surveys. The representative director of Kobe University, a venture company "Relatec Co., Ltd.", established to conduct a consulting business specialized in wind -powered, utilizing the technical and personal connections gained during his work and his personal connections during his school. serve.

Misaki Takashi

At Kobe University Graduate School (Maritime Science), he worked on research on high -precision of offshore simulation by weather models and acquired a doctor (engineering). After engaging in the system management of the garbage incineration plant at Hitachi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., TEPCO designed to investigate the style of domestic ocean and ocean wind projects. Currently, he is in charge of the wind situation analysis and simulation work, and also serves as an academic researcher at Kobe University.

Toshinari Mito (Mitotoshinari)

Geographical information (GIS (GIS), which has been in the field of geography and environmental science of Tokyo Metropolitan University (former Tokyo Metropolitan University) and is based on the knowledge of geography (humanities, vegetation, climate, terrain geology, water sentences, etc.). (Etc.), etc., I learned and completed the weather simulation. After completion, he has been engaged in consulting work on renewable energy at an environmental consultant for about seven years. In the business, we conduct abundant air -based observations and analysis operations, including riders for wind power development, and conduct several research on riders.

Shogo Uchiyama (Uchiyama Shogo)

While studying at Kobe University Graduate School of Maritime Sciences, he was involved in the business of NEDO and the Ministry of the Environment, and developed a offshore style estimation method that combines observations and numerical simulations. He is currently working on the development of simulation methods specializing in Meso -Microscale in the doctoral program in the department. At the same time, he was enrolled in a power generation business operator, and was involved in domestic and overseas land/off -and -expenditures, developing projects, and selecting windmills, procurement, and project certification acquisition. In this project, we will work on industry needs and formulate strategy not only in technical contributions.