The value provided by "Relatech", which is the only offshore wind in Japan -Founding Story (Part 1)

Whole Member of Rera Tech Inc.

(Relatech founding member: Kohana, Uchiyama, Mito, Mitsu from left)

Water winds that are introduced worldwide mainly in Europe. Japan is expected to expand in Japan, surrounded by the sea, and it is said to be a trump card for the main power of renewable energy in the "offshore wind industry vision" announced by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

With the focus on the market in Japan, Relatech Co., Ltd. was born as a research and development -type company from Kobe University, which specializes in the country's only offshore wind. We provide consulting on wind -based observation, numerical simulation, and data analysis in the wind power generation business, mainly private companies.

Lela Tech's founding members talk about the value they want to provide through their business.

Founding member profile

Representative director, Mizuki Konagaya (Konagaya Mizuki)

After graduating from the University of Tsukuba University (Meteorological and Hymphology Services), he was mainly engaged in consulting work on renewable energy at an environmental consultant for 10 years. Since 2016, he has been enrolled in a doctoral program at Kobe University and conducts research on offshore style surveys. The representative director of Kobe University, a venture company "Relatec Co., Ltd.", established to conduct a consulting business specialized in wind -powered, utilizing the technical and personal connections gained during his work and his personal connections during his school. serve.

Misaki Takashi

At Kobe University Graduate School (Maritime Science), he worked on research on high -precision of offshore simulation by weather models and acquired a doctor (engineering). After engaging in the system management of the garbage incineration plant at Hitachi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., TEPCO designed to investigate the style of domestic ocean and ocean wind projects. Currently, he is in charge of the wind situation analysis and simulation work, and also serves as an academic researcher at Kobe University.

Toshinari Mito (Mitotoshinari)

Geographical information (GIS (GIS), which has been in the field of geography and environmental science of Tokyo Metropolitan University (former Tokyo Metropolitan University) and is based on the knowledge of geography (humanities, vegetation, climate, terrain geology, water sentences, etc.). (Etc.), etc., I learned and completed the weather simulation. After completion, he has been engaged in consulting work on renewable energy at an environmental consultant for about seven years. In the business, we conduct abundant air -based observations and analysis operations, including riders for wind power development, and conduct several research on riders.

Shogo Uchiyama (Uchiyama Shogo)

While studying at Kobe University Graduate School of Maritime Sciences, he was involved in the business of NEDO and the Ministry of the Environment, and developed a offshore style estimation method that combines observations and numerical simulations. He is currently working on the development of simulation methods specializing in Meso -Microscale in the doctoral program in the department. At the same time, he was enrolled in a power generation business operator, and was involved in domestic and overseas land/off -and -expenditures, developing projects, and selecting windmills, procurement, and project certification acquisition. In this project, we will work on industry needs and formulate strategy not only in technical contributions.

Connect research institutes and private companies. Supporting private companies as a offshore wind professional

で す Please tell me the background of the establishment of Relatech.

Kohaya:First of all, for the past 15 years, it is said that the renewable energy will be expected to have offshore wind, but it is difficult to start a private power generation business. It was around 2020 that the full -fledged Oki -Oikami wind has begun to move. However, because of the new field, few experts could support private companies' offshore wind power generation businesses.

The four founding members of Relatech have been engaged in consulting and research and development on renewable energy, including offshore winds. He has only a research track record of the offshore style survey, and is one of the few offshore -wind professionals in Japan.

It is said that the market size of offshore wind power generation in Japan will grow to 920 billion yen in 2030. In November 2020, Lela Tech was established in November 2020, as if the market for offshore wind power could begin to move at the time when the market began to move.

See:Isn't it possible for us who have been studying offshore winds at universities and have repeatedly practiced them in private companies? There was a feeling. The other members seemed to be the same, and when they gathered with Konagaya and Uchiyama in May 2020, they said, "There are many things we need to do and what we can do." From that point on, the specific entrepreneurial concept was solidified.

Mito:Relatech does not only offshore, but also conducts athletics and consulting, but as a "consulting company specializing in offshore wind power", it is a leading person in weather simulation research for offshore wind development. , Kobe University professor, Teruo Osawa, who is leading the domestic market, is large. I am a technical advisor to Relatech.

Uchiyama:At universities, cutting -edge research and investigation know -how is always being developed, but a time lag will inevitably occur before dropping it into a private company. With the help of Prof. Osawa as a technical advisor, we can quickly provide the know -how of research and survey of offshore winds to private businesses.

Kohaya:There is significance as a venture company from Kobe University, and I hope that we can play a role like a window connecting university research institutions and private companies.

mizuki konagaya


Relatech, which specializes in the offshore style survey, can contribute

─ What kind of requests do you often receive in offshore wind power?

See:Mainly, a request from a wind power generator to investigate the airspace, 80-90 % are consultation from private companies. Regarding offshore wind power, it is an impression that in the last few years, in addition to existing wind power companies, a new power company and trading company has entered. There are many inquiries that I would like to develop the offshore wind power generation business, but I have no experience in the wind power generation business in the first place and I do not understand how to do it.

Kohaya:Relatech offers solutions from three pillars to private companies that have difficulty in giving specialized skills and knowledge in -house.

  1. New wind power generationintroductiondoforPrevious "wind situation observation"

  2. "Winding simulation" to grasp the wind situation around the development site

  3. "Winding analysis" performed using the results of observation and simulation

It is possible to work partially or at a stretch according to the issues and purposes of customers.

Uchiyama:The most important thing in wind power is to build a windmill in a place where a strong wind blows as much as possible. Wind observations are very important, especially when receiving hundreds of billions of expenses from banks in offshore winds, as it is necessary to accurately calculate the amount of power generation due to wind power generation.

Mito:It is more difficult to measure the wind as a larger and accurate wind of the sea than on land. I would be glad if I could demonstrate value as a group of offshore -winding experts because I need more specialized knowledge and advanced skills.

Kohaya:I want to be easy to consult with companies that consider the offshore wind power generation business. We will conduct consulting to provide low -cost and high -precision, high -precision and high -precision and high -precision and high -precision and high -accuracy.

I want to realize a offshore style survey suitable for Japan and lead the domestic market

─── The strong desire to provide the most advanced know -how to private companies is transmitted.
Uchiyama:As a matter of security for domestic energy, I want to change the situation that relies on overseas imports little by little. In order to be a country that can continue to supply safe and secure power in the future, it is necessary to increase the amount of energy that can be created in its own country. I hope that renewable energy and offshore wind can take part in that part.

See:It is said that the Japanese market has been delayed by 20 years compared to Europe, which is being spreading offshore wind power. So it is certain that Europe is technically more mature. However, it is difficult to reproduce the successful case in Japan as it is.

The reason is that the environment of Japan and Europe is different. For example, Europe is generally strong and has a flat terrain and shallow, so it is easy to build wind power on the sea. On the other hand, in Japan, the shallow sea area is quite small, and the water depth quickly becomes deeper, so it is necessary to establish a technology for building offshore winds suitable for the Japanese sea.

Uchiyama:In other words, how do you do a style survey that suits Japan? Is important. We will accumulate more and more know -how that matches the terrain and environment unique to Japan, which are surrounded by the sea in all sides, to create a mechanism that allows domestic energy in Japan. I think it is our important role in the future.

Kohaya:Japan's land -winding power generation has a history of more than 20 to 30 years, but offshore wind power generation is still in the future. At present, there are no companies that specialize in offshore winds, and few people are studying. That's why I hope that Relatec will lead the market as a domestic offshore wind specialist.

(Listman / writing / Misato Kaizu edited / Hisae Sasaki)

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