Learn from Denmark Denmark. Future of Japanese offshore wind power generation (Part 2)

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Denmark is a top runner in the field of offshore wind power generation. Izumi Tanaka, a commercial officer (in charge of the environment and energy) of the Denmark Embassy (in charge of the environment and energy), talked about the future of Japan's offshore wind power generation.

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Denmark people who chose their own clean energy

SeeingWhen did Denmark have been ruddered to renewable energy? You've been promoting energy policies that don't rely on nuclear power since the first oil shock. Currently, there is no nuclear power plant in Denmark.

TanakaIn fact, during the oil shock, there was a fierce debate on whether to introduce nuclear power in Denmark. Some claimed to introduce it, and public opinion was broken into two. The government published a booklet that incorporates the opinions of nuclear power and opposition, and sought opinions from the people. As a result, many of the people who read books and understood the advantages and disadvantages have opposed the introduction, and Denmark has decided to build a society that does not depend on nuclear power.

HaseIt is interesting to publish a booklet and seek opinions.

TanakaThat's right. It may be because Denmark is a national character who likes discussion. Listen to each other's opinions and discuss them from there.

SeeingPrior to the oil shock, fossil fuels accounted for 99%, but in 2020, power generation was 70 to 80%for power generation. Looking at the whole energy, the recycled energy was 35 %. You're getting closer to your goal after the re -energy rudder.

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TanakaIn fact, Denmark sets the goal of setting 100 % of the renewable energy of the entire energy in 2050. So the value of 35 % is still on the way, but I think it is definitely approaching the goal. In particular, "removal carbon", which completely breaks out of carbon fuel, is a goal that can solve not only energy issues but also climate change issues. Denmark wants to continue working seriously.

SeeingI've heard that Denmark is a country where choices and concentration are good. In an environment where the domestic market is not so large, when the choice of what to use as a weapon, he decided to concentrate on the reinforced fields, including wind power. I heard Tanaka -san's story that there was a Denmark now by raising the decision by raising the decision.

Misaki-San Interview Shot 3

――Are there anything that Japan can do from the experience and knowledge of Denmark?

TanakaIn Denmark and Japan, the size of the population and the terrain and natural environment are different. However, the mind may be helpful. Specifically, we have the idea of ​​how to build an efficient system by comprehensively capturing energy systems. In terms of "what is more efficient", it's important not only for the efficiency of energy and the global environment, but not only that, but also for consumers who finally pay. I think efficiency is important.

sourceJapanese version of Denmark -style power generation white paper

SeeingBuilding a comprehensive energy system can provide a more efficient system from both perspectives.

Tanakaexactly. If the mindset of people involved in energy, such as policies and companies, changes, I think there are various efforts to derive from it.

HaseIn Japan, there are still many people opposing windmill construction and negative thoughts. How was Denmark?

TanakaOf course, in Denmark, there were many people opposed at first.

HaseHow did you solve it?

TanakaIn terms of land wind, in the early days, there was a system in which people living near the place where windmills were built had certain rights for windmills. You will be the owner of the windmill. If the windmill generates power and the balance becomes positive, it will be returned to the owners. It is a mechanism that causes benefits when the windmill stands. It is a system that has been gone now, but this kind of effort has been taken for a long time. In addition, if the windmill is built, the land price will drop, and make up for it. If there is something different from your life so far, we will compensate for it.

Research is underway on the effects of health. In Denmark, a five -year scientific survey was conducted from 2014 to 2019 for 553,000 households. As a result of the noise from windmills, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, adverse events during childbirth, the effects of anti -blood pressure, myocardial infarction, stroke, the risk of the effects of sleeping pills and antidepressants, Connected that there was no direct relationship between the noise from the windmill and the symptoms investigated.

HaseWhat about offshore wind?

TanakaIn the case of sea, a windmill is built far from the place where people live, so it is unlikely that a problem of land wind power will occur. Regarding the fishery, windmills are now increasing, and the interval between windmills and windmills is quite wide, so you can operate a fishery after the operation starts during construction. For this reason, there are new fishing grounds. However, if you do a large -scale net, you will not be able to fish, so there is compensation depending on the fishery method.

A new player activates the industry

――The two people who play an active part in the green energy field, Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Kasaya were the airports.

TanakaThe first place I met Konagaya was the airport in Copenhagen in Denmark. I didn't make a promise or work together at work, but happened to be on the same airplane.

HaseIt was before I started Relatech. My colleagues at that time happened to be Tanaka's graduate school. He and Tanaka were talking, and I was introduced to that flow.

KONAGAYA-SAN Interview Shot

TanakaYou were going around with a long flight.

HaseYes Yes. From that encounter, the opportunity to work together has increased. The story of "Zoning" came out earlier, but I introduced things to be aware of when introducing a wind power plant, including overseas cases, and to deepen my understanding by local governments. When the event was held, Mr. Tanaka also participated as a guest instructor.

TanakaHow do you do zoning in Denmark and Europe, and what do you solve and make it smooth? I told you that story. After that, we introduced Denmark examples about what will happen to society after the introduction of wind power.

――Finally, please tell us what Tanaka will expect from Relatech in the future.

TanakaIn Japan, there are fewer venture companies than in the world. Under such circumstances, the fact that a venture company in the energy field and play an active role as a new player will lead to the revitalization of the industry. So I think the significance of starting a business from Lela Tech is very great.

HaseDenmark is exactly the case, but the wind power generation business has a wide base. Many businesses are born to build a wind power plant, just as the automobile industry is made up of parts, materials and processing in many fields.

TanakaThe new player comes in and the success of the player will make the industry excitement. I hope that we would like to work hard to expand wind power and enliven the energy industry.

HaseThank you.

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