Seminar on land and offshore winds will hold a seminar on Monday, November 20, which talks about the trends of the wind status observation in Japan

We will hold an online seminar on the theme of "Technical issues in wind -powered wind -based air -based observation and practical use of survey."

Seminar Overview

Schedule: 2023 (Monday) 13: 00-14: 20
Holding style: Online seminar (Zoom Webiner)
way to participate: Advance registration system

SponsoringToyota Tsusho Co., Ltd., Relatech Co., Ltd.
cooperation: Wind Pal Co., Ltd.

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Wind power that supports Japan's future in both the environment and the economy

Japan has declared to aim for a carbon neutral by 2050. One of the important power sources in the realization is wind power. Promotion of wind power plants and improvement of economics have been an important issue in Japan, but I feel rarely talked about knowledge and methods for that.

It is essential to understand the accurate wind situation for wind power. Efficient power generation is achieved by investigating the wind speed, wind direction, the effects of the terrain, etc. in detail and selecting the optimal installation location.

In this seminar, we will talk about the trends of the wind observation on land and sea, and the practical content to achieve efficient power generation, including each observation device and its method.

The three companies are Toyoda Tsusho Co., Ltd., Windpal Co., Ltd., and Relatec Co., Ltd.

We will introduce comments for seminars from the speaking companies.

Toyota Tsusho Co., Ltd.

We provide a wind -fashioned observation device (ZX LIDAR, SFC fuel cell) used for wind -powered business surveys for the wind power generation business.

In this seminar, we will invite experts in each part of equipment, observations, and simulation parts, not limited to the devices handled by the Company, and provide an opportunity to explain. I did it. While new guidelines and observation methods are being introduced for business performance evaluation and certification acquisition, we will introduce solution examples such as complex terrain and floating riders that are currently used in Japan. 。

We hope that we can contribute to the development of projects on a daily basis to promote the introduction of wind power in the future, so please feel free to join us. 


Relatech Co., Ltd.

We provide consulting services specializing in wind -powered wind -power surveys. The feature is that you can carry out the wind status, simulation, and analysis at a stretch through the technical skills based on the research results of Kobe University.

In this seminar, it was released this springNEDO Weather Winding Observation GuidebookThis section describes the observation method of offshore winds (measurement of turbulence strength, etc.) and its prospects using rider equipment. I think it will be a very useful information for those who use guidebooks and those who are interested in ocean breeze surveys.

In addition, we will share the knowledge necessary for planning and implementation of the offshore wind power generation project, so if you want to learn the latest information and techniques about wind power generation, you can join us.

Wind Pal Co., Ltd.

We are a company that specializes in offshore wind power and provides established project management solutions. This is realized by matching with Japanese companies, utilizing the knowledge of European companies that have a wealth of proven technology and experience. 

In this seminar, I will focus on the "floating rider" for the wind status. This system, which is gradually being adopted in Japan, is considering turbulent strength measurement, and is considered to be useful for future -style surveys, such as rationalization of offshore wind observation and transition to float ceremony. 。

We want you to know the existence and provide useful information in the development of offshore wind power.



Application for online seminars

In the second half of this seminar, we have a Q & A session time with speakers, so I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity. We look forward to seeing you.