[Announcement] 43rd wind energy usage symposium

At the 43rd Wind Power Energy Usage Symposium held on November 18 and 19, 2021, Kohana, Mito, Mito, and Uchiyama will openly present.

○ November 19th 9: 00- (see)
"Accuracy verification of air density calculated by Meso -feeling model"

○ November 19 11: 30- (Uchiyama)
"Accuracy verification of floating rider on the Mutsu Ogawahara site"

○ November 19th 12: 00- (Kaseya)
"Verification of the accuracy of offshore style by WRF and CFD models on the Mutsu Ogawahara site"

○ November 19 16: 30- (Mito)
"Research on the observation accuracy of vertical doppler riders in complex terrain (examination of differences and correction methods due to average)"

● Reference: From the Japan Wind Energy Society website

43rd Wind Power Energy Use Symposium Information