Notice regarding internal system

Our company(RTI) What belongs to Kobe University, andI have received inquiries about the technical advisor, so I will explain as follows. 

① Things that belong to Kobe University

RTISome employees and officers belong to Kobe University. This is intended to strengthen R & D and industry -academia collaboration, and please understand it as a form of venture companies from Kobe University. 

② Technical advisor

RTIOf the founders1The name belongs to a private business. The person isRTIAs a technical advisor, I am in a position to give advice on the wind status, but not the employee who concluded the employment contract.RTIIt does not access confidential information handled by. In addition, the personRTIWe will not be involved directly in the practice of, but through joint research with Kobe University, etc.RTIIt is assumed that technical examinations and research presentations including the person will be conducted.

At present, while the development of the domestic wind power generation market is expected, the shortage of engineers in the field of style is becoming more serious. To realize the healthy growth of the entire marketRTIWe are aiming for an industry -academia collaboration system so that it can provide effective technical support from academic to private businesses. 


We are very sorry that we were worried about the inconvenience of our information disclosure. If you have any questions, you for contacting us.