[Press release] Implemented a capital business alliance with Toyota Tsusho Co., Ltd.

Our company and Toyota Tsusho Co., Ltd. have concluded a capital business alliance in March 2022 to cooperate with the wind -powered wind -powered service and contribute to the growth of the offshore wind power generation market in the future.

Our company has been developing a vulgarity survey and consulting services related to it since its founding, with advanced air -based observation, simulation, and analysis technologies related to offshore winds. In addition, Toyota Tsusho Co., Ltd. has sold fuel cells used for doppler rider and the equipment, and has been developing services as a provider for wind -powered wind -powered.

This capital business alliance will provide stable and high -quality services in the field of style surveys for offshore wind power generation, which includes new technologies such as doppler riders.

For more information, please see our press release and the news release of Toyota Tsusho Co., Ltd.

2022/4/14 Press Release Relatec Co., Ltd.

2022/4/14 News Release Toyota Tsusho Co., Ltd.