Supplementary explanation for capital business alliance

We have received inquiries in connection with the capital and business alliance published on the following page, so I will explain as follows.


① The gist of capital business alliance

The company's capital alliance aims to strengthen the value chain in the wind -up survey service provided by Relatech (RTI). Specifically, it focuses on providing stable and high -quality services in the field of air -winding power generation, which provides new technologies such as doppler riders.

② Management of secret information

With the implementation of the business, the confidential information received by RTI is managed only in the RTI company based on the NDA concluded with each company, and it is not shared by external organizations such as partners. Information that does not correspond to confidential information is also managed by RTI's independent data server. In addition, RTI does not accept directors and seconds from partners.

③ fairness as a third party

RTI emphasizes fairness as a third -party organization as a position to provide technical consulting services centered on industry -academia collaboration. Therefore, we do not deviate from business and joint research and contribute to the benefits of specific power generation operators.

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