We will hold a seminar on wind observation

[Must -see for wind power generators! Wind situation observation trend] 

This time, we will hold a seminar by Toyota Tsusho Co., Ltd. and Relatech Co., Ltd. online online. 

Wind power is an indispensable power supply for the reliable realization of carbon knights in JapanOne, thatPromotion of introduction and improving economics are important issues. 

The land wind power is stable, and the natural environment and landscape problems are less likely to occur. Along with that, the demand for fuel cells is increasing.In addition, the offshore wind isExclusive economic water area is the worldYou can take advantage of the location of Japan surrounded by the sixth place, and you can introduce it in large quantities.It is expected to be possible 

In this seminar, first explanation of the air -stunning observation of the complex terrain of land, fuel cells, rider equipment that can be used in powerless areas, and how to correct observations.ZX Lidars / MeteodynI will also explain using video videos 

Regarding offshore wind power generation,About observation methods using rider equipment based on "NEDO Water Breeze Observation Guidebook"I will explain 

Furthermore, Windpal Co., Ltd., who plays a pioneer in the offshore wind industry, will be on stage to measure the maritime style in the offshore.EOLOSPlease introduce the floating rider. 

Finally, by each speakerWe would like to set up Q & A session time and answer questions related to this seminar from participants. 

Recommended for such people 

  • Power generator 
  • Authentic organization 
  • Financial institution 
  • Other investors 

Seminar Overview

Holding schedule:2023 11Month20(Monday) 13:00-14:20 
Holding format: online seminar (Z)OOMWebinar) 
Participation method: Advance registration system 
Participation fee: Free 

Sponsor / cooperation

Sponsored by Toyota Tsusho Co., Ltd. / Relatech Co., Ltd. 
Cooperation: Windpal Co., Ltd. 

 Agenda (planned) 

1. About land -style situation observation method and complicated terrain correspondence

Lecturer: Toyota Tsusho Co., Ltd. Sales Development Department FC / Environmental Solution GSection manager Yuki Tomita,ZX Lidars, Meteodyn 

2. Future prospects for offshore -style observation methods and future prospects for the offshore Ocean (referring to the NEDO Water Breeze Observation Guidebook)

Lecturer: Representative Director of Lela Tech Co., Ltd. 

 3. What is a floating rider that conducts the air -on -sea -wken observation?

Lecturer: Co., LtdWind Pal Business Development Director Masaki Nagasawa 

 4. Q & A session

Speaker: Three speakers above


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