Would you like to make the earth you want to live 100 years ahead at Lela Tech (Part 1)

In November 2021, Relatech celebrated its first anniversary. Although it has just begun, it continues to grow steadily with the support of many people. To realize Relatech's mission, "Designing energy and the future of society with weather x ICT" is essential not only for technology but also for human power. Relatec is looking for people who can work together with the same aspirations.

The members talked about the wind industry and the work in the Relatech. We will deliver it in the first part and the second part.

Lela Tech member who participated in the roundtable discussion this time


Representative Director/Mizuki Konagaya (Konagaya Mizuki)

After graduating from the University of Tsukuba University (Meteorological and Hymphology Services), he was mainly engaged in consulting business on renewable energy at an environmental consultant for 11 years. Since 2016, he has been enrolled in a doctoral program at Kobe University and conducts research on offshore style surveys. He is the representative director at Kobe University's venture company, Relatec Co., Ltd.


Wind situation analysis/simulation leader/Yuki Misaki (Misaki Takeshi)

At Kobe University Graduate School (Maritime Science), he worked on research on high -precision of offshore simulation by weather models and acquired a doctor (engineering). He is in charge of the style analysis and simulation work, and also serves as an academic researcher at Kobe University.


Wind Observation Leader/Toshinari Mito (Mitotoshinari)

Geographical information (GIS (GIS), which has been in the field of geography and environmental science of Tokyo Metropolitan University (former Tokyo Metropolitan University) and is based on the knowledge of geography (humanities, vegetation, climate, terrain geology, water sentences, etc.). (Etc.), etc., learn and complete weather simulation and complete. He is responsible for a wealth of wind -powered rider for the development of wind power generation, and has been conducting multiple research on riders.


Office Staff/Hiromi Takamatsu (Hiromi Takamatsu)

After graduating from the Faculty of Science of Hirosaki University, he worked for a construction consultant company, a youth overseas cooperative squad, a dispatch to the International Cooperation Agency, and worked at Lela Tech Co., Ltd. He is in charge of technical support, public relations, and general affairs. She is a mother of two children and is currently working shorter hours.


Open the future at the forefront of the rapid growing field

-What is the attraction of working in the wind power generation industry?

HaseWhen considering climate change and energy issues, I think that recycled energy, including wind power, is an essential technology for forming a society in the future. Isn't it one of the industries that can contribute not only in Japan but also to the future of the whole earth? Relatech has a vision of "creating an earth (town) that you want to live 100 years ahead", but I think it is a very rewarding industry for those who sympathize with this vision.

TakamatsuThat's exactly what I wanted to work for in Lelatech. I have always wanted to protect the global environment, and I've been involved in such a job. Through my work in Relatech, I feel worthwhile to be involved in regenerative energy that protects the global environment.

SeeingThe wind power generation industry is a future field. Demand expansion is expected to be expected, and technology will evolve steadily. It is interesting because it is a fast -growing industry. In particular, offshore wind is a challenging field that is still unknown.

In the analysis and simulation work I am in charge of, the main job of bridging research and industry, such as trying to implement academic research, conducting research and development and publishing in dissertations. Therefore, it is the perfect environment for those who want to do both research and social implementation. It is a field where the methods we developed will become the standard for the future.

HaseLooking back on history, the various industries that are currently standard, and at some point, research and technology have been well -developed and developed rapidly. The wind industry industry is now the development period. Not after someone passes, you have to open up the road at the top. Because it is a growing market, there is an exciting and valuable experience in the wind power generation industry, and I myself work on the river of a boat in a rapid river.

――Relatech's “Wind Survey” conducted. How is it actually done?

HaseThe "Wind Survey" is a survey to know the situation of the wind. In order to succeed in wind power as a business, it is important to know the wind condition of the windmill. As shown in Fig. 1, the wind depends greatly on the terrain and climate. In the style survey, you can estimate the amount of power in advance and consider the design of the windmill.

Winds that are influenced by the surrounding environment such as the terrain

The style survey starts with the installation of observation equipment in the place where the windmill is built. After that, the data sent from the device is monitored, and simulations and analysis are performed based on the data.

"Observation" work that takes nature

――Please tell us about the difficulty and rewarding observation work.

MitoObservation work is a job mainly for nature. First, install a device that observes the wind situation where you want to build a windmill. In addition, observation devices are installed, not the end, but regular maintenance is required.

The wind depends on the season, so we keep observing at least one year. It is very difficult to keep measuring the wind for a long period of time, and data may not be successful due to weather conditions, and observation equipment may be destroyed due to lightning or typhoons.

The observation data is monitored for 365 days and checks for abnormalities. Depending on the location, a surveillance camera is also installed to check the video. In the case of trouble, ask a local cooperating company to respond, or I will rush to the site. In the case of sea, you will get on the boat, but in the case of land wind power generation, the observation place is almost in the mountains.

I drive on a mountain road without a guardrail by car and meet many wildlife such as deer and monkey. When maintenance in winter, you sometimes work in the snow in the snow.


 Cases of wind -streets installed on land

It is often difficult because we are dealing with nature, but it is interesting to think about what measures to take according to the characteristics of the region. The location of the power plant and the content of the consultation vary, so you need to respond according to the situation, so you can work with a fresh feeling every time.

After the one -year observation, there is a sense of accomplishment when the ultimate power plant is completed. Especially in the case of sea, the business scale is quite large, so it is one of the charms of this job that you can be involved in such a business from the early days.

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