Would you like to make the earth you want to live 100 years ahead at Lela Tech (Part 2)

Relatec, who celebrated its first anniversary, is looking for a colleague working together. What kind of people who work in Relatech are suitable, and what kind of work can be done when they join the company? The members talked about the wind industry and the work in the Relatech. It is the second part of the series delivered in two parts.

Data scientists can fully use
"Analysis / simulation"

――What do you particularly want Relatech?

SeeingWe are looking for technical jobs, but especially in the analysis and simulation research and developer. I would be glad if a data scientist came to Relatec, who is interested in the style survey and the global environment.

I think that the required power is completely different depending on the field, even if it is an analysis or simulation, it uses a wide variety of analysis methods in the style survey. You can use machine learning, AI skills and knowledge, and also need classical learning like fluid dynamics.

There is a fixed method at the moment, but since the entire wind power industry is updated, it is necessary to develop analysis and simulation in response to it. The research and development element is quite strong and the discretion is large, so I think it is suitable for those who like to think and create them, and those who want to make use of their experience so far.

An example of the analysis screen by programming

Winding consultant that is a bridge between academic and industry

HaseRelatec conducts a vulgarity survey and plays a role as a consultant. Wind power generation is a huge business related to multiple research fields and players, such as windmill manufacturers, research institutions, local governments, nationals, and legal certification organizations, so the role of consultants connecting them is very large. is.

In particular, offshore power generation has a large business scale and costs more than 10 billion yen, so it cannot be achieved only by the power of a single player alone. Relatec connects each player, taking advantage of the weather knowledge and the technology of ICT.

Weather x ICT becomes a bridge between academics and industries

――What are the fun of consulting business?

 HaseI think this is different for each person, but in my case I am attracted to always studying. The change in the wind power generation market is fast, and it is expected that the latest technology will be different after five years. At the same time, if we do not continue to update, we cannot propose the best solution. Study, practice, and your experience accumulates in yourself and becomes property. I feel that being able to grow myself and the company in that way is the biggest fun.

――What kind of person is this job?

HaseConsultants are basically communication that takes in customer needs and connect people. Therefore, I feel that people who can balance technology and communication are suitable. Not only in Japan but also with overseas clients, so those who have English skills will be able to play an active part.

A free corporate culture that employees can maximize their abilities

――What is the atmosphere of the company?

TakamatsuWe work in a variety of ways depending on each lifestyle and business content. Most of them are in the company, while others combine both home and working. Actually, I have never been to work, and I have been working at home all the time.

SeeingAnalysis and simulation work can be worked if you have a computer, so you can work from home. In my way of working, I often work at home in the morning and come to work in the afternoon. Or sometimes you are at home all day. When I come to work for the first time in a long time, there are souvenirs that members bought on a business trip on the desk. We hold regular meetings online, but when we come to work, we talk about things that happen to work with the members who happen to be together.

――It feels free and flat.

HaseI agree. Basically, I want to be an environment that makes it easy to exchange opinions with a flat relationship, and I think that is actually the case. Especially for technical areas, each has its own specialty, so there are many forms that each person leads while leading.

SeeingThere are aspects that are founding members, but I feel that the discretion of the work is very large. You can control your work yourself. It would be the current form if we were aiming for an environment where each person had a specialty for the project and could give a high performance.

HaseSince we have been in the company for a year, we can change the company's system and system while consulting together. It is an image that each employee makes Relatech. In principle, side jobs are OK, and I think that people who can find what they want to do and move independently.

――If you have a message to the applicant at the end.

HaseRelatech's mission is "Design energy and the future of society with weather x ICT." Currently, we are working on a wind power generation business, but there are other things we can do with weather x ICT. For example, members say that they want to be involved in agriculture and fishery fields. I would be glad if anyone could find it together, including the businesses that I would like to work on in the future.

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