Technical advisor's research on offshore wind power generation to social implementation (Part 2)

This feature featuring Relatech's founding members, a graduate school teacher and current technical advisor, Teruo Osawa (Professor of Kobe University Graduate School of Marine Science), and this feature that talks about the future of offshore wind power. In the second part, we talked about the roles of Relatec and universities in offshore wind power generation.

(From left, Kohana, Dr. Osawa, Misaki)

Relatech's role played in the wind industry

――What do you think of Mr. Osawa's birth?

OsawaI was happy when I heard from Mr. Konagani that he would start a business. I thought it was a very grateful story. Originally, I had a strong desire to use research in society, but I have a limited chance to be in college. However, I thought that Relatech was born as a venture company at Kobe University and led to society, and I thought that various possibilities would open.

In addition, there are few people who are studying wind power in the university, so it is helpful to have a partner who can consult. It may be a window for collaborative research or ask for a job here. My own field of view will expand.

HaseI am closer to my teacher's thoughts, and it is more rewarding for research to see how it is useful in society. In the field of wind power generation, there are many issues in both research and practical terms, but the shortage of players is a major problem. We had the idea that we would like to be able to realize an industry -academia collaboration system by starting a business. Immediately apply the results obtained in the laboratory to practical work and feed back on -site issues to the lab. Lela Tech wants to take that smooth cooperation.

SeeingI agree. In addition, I think that the technical portion of the technical part will be expanding more and more, but I think that Relatech will often use it.

OsawaThe base of me and the members of Lela Tech is the learning of meteorology. Wind power is of course interested, but I think that it is the most distinctive feature and strength of Relatech that the natural phenomenon itself is also an academic interest.

In the process of developing this industry in the future, I think that more and more people want to do the wind but do not understand the wind. In such a case, we learned weather studies, and we need to show the nature of the wind and play the role of spreading the knowledge of wind in society. I would like to make use of that knowledge in the development of engineering wind power generation while being interested in weather as a natural phenomenon.

――What do Osawa -sensei expect from Relatech?

OsawaFrom a college teacher, I think the career path of Relatek members will be a very good sample for today's students. It is a valuable experience that our OBs have started a company and created a company that makes use of the research content. It would be nice if you could think of entrepreneurship and employment in a venture company as one of the options to see if there were such ways in life.

In other words, there are options to study the style of the style in the lab and join Relatech as it is. However, I think it is courageous to join a venture company with a new graduate. It's a great thing if I went out to society once, but if there was a person who came back again because it seemed interesting to see Relatech's activities.

I have no choice but to be an important player who plays the wind industry because I have no choice but to be the existence of Relatech (laughs).

HaseAs a Relatech, if anyone shares a vision or who has the skills that can be used in Relatech's business, I would like to do it together. In December of last year, we had a seminar to students in the ocean and meteorological laboratory to introduce the wind industry, but as a researcher career path, there were various ways in the wind power generation industry. I think I could show something.

SeeingHow does Osawa recruit students to the lab?

OsawaThe meteorological laboratory has been very popular for a long time, and thank you for being thankful. As weather is a familiar phenomenon, it may be easy to be interested. However, there are two main types of people who enter the lab. It is Misaki -san type who wants to learn about weather and reaches wind power as an application destination, and Konagaya type who is interested in offshore wind power generation because of environmentally friendly energy.

Students say, "Japan has no resources, the energy self -sufficiency rate is low, and if the price of oil rises for example, the economy will be delayed as soon as the price is soaring, so it is necessary to develop clean energy that can be created in your own country. After all, everyone will listen with interest. There is no doubt that what we are doing is a necessary research for the next generation, so I think it is a very easy -to -explain field in that sense.

I want to be an organization that changes flexibly according to the time of time and technology

――How about looking back on Relatech's steps so far?

OsawaI think it's good for the first year, but what about?

HaseI haven't had a lot of experience as a manager yet, so it's hard to evaluate accurately, but I think that a first -year venture company has grown well. Demand is high in situations where the technical players in the wind industry are not enough, and it is easy to attract attention. Due to such circumstances, I think that many customers have requested a job despite the first year.

SeeingIt is the biggest to be able to get on the trend. However, since it is an industry that changes drastically, I do not know what will happen in five years. Even though the industry is necessary for the future of Japan, will it be even more exciting or the market will calm down? You have to calmly determine it.

OsawaChanges in technology are also fast. The technology for predicting and observing the wind conditions currently being studied is probably established in five or six years, and will be in the maintenance and operation phase. I feel that it will be important how to make the company's policies and business content well fit each time according to the development of offshore wind.

HaseWhen I think about what kind of organization to use Lela Tech, everyone often says, "I like such an organization that can change its shape flexibly according to the situation." As the needs change every moment, we change themselves. While thinking about such a thing, I would like to try and error a system that can perform the highest performance for each project.

At a social gathering after a joint research

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