Wind EUROPE 2023 European offshore wind trends (Part 1)

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An annual event of Wind Europe, an association that promotes the use of European wind power generation, was also held in 2023. Corona was also held online, but in 2023 was a face -to -face format. It was held in Copenhagen, Denmark for three days from April 25 to 27. Konagaya and Nakazato participate from Relatech. Konagaya is the first time in eight years, and Nakazato is the first Copenhagen.

In this technology note, the points of Wind EUROPE 2023, which Relatech noticed, will be reported in the first part and the second part.

A venue that excites with various themes and exciting discussions

Wind Europe 2023 was held in Copenhagen, Denmark. Copenhagen in April, when cherry blossoms bloom, seemed to be immersed in the joy of spring, with the long and dark winter of the Nordic country Denmark.


Venue Bella Center

There were five large holes in the venue, and there were so many exhibition booths. In the adjacent space, a conference (oral presentation, poster session) was held.

The speakers were developers, consulting companies, and research institutes of power generation operators, and they had a lot of specialized content related to practical work.

There were hot discussions and discussions on a wide range of themes, such as wind market trends, supply chains, and renewable energy policies, and the content was enhanced, and there were about 4 hours of sessions on the wind situation mainly by Relatech.

Poster sessions were also held at another venue.

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Compared to conference, which has a lot of practical content, poster sessions have many academic and have a strong research and development elements, not only in corporate presentations, but also for universities and research institutes. In addition to Europe, there are many participants from other countries, such as Asia and North America, and we have seen posters from Japanese participants.

Here are three points that have been particularly noticed by participating in Wind Europe 2023.

Elucidate the blockage with large -scale observations

Research on the phenomenon of "blockage", whose power generation is lower than expected when multiple windmills are lined up.Wind Europe 2021 reportI told youBy the way, it was developing further. There were several announcements that multiple companies have a system to work on elucidating the blockage phenomena and conducted large -scale investigations.

For example, in Japan, when conducting observations for wind situation surveys, dual scanning observation, which performs two scanning riders as one set of each site, is common, but in this announcement, a total of six units will be used. , I was surprised at the size of the observation.

The phenomenon of this blockage has not yet been elucidated, but I hope that through such a field survey, it will be possible to quantitatively grasp and evaluate it. Some numerical models also have a module that can actually take into account the blockage effect, and are also paying attention to these accuracy verification.

Overview of observation campaigns to elucidate the blockage (Rodaway, C., Rwe, 2023)

Research by JIP (Joint Industry Project) method

When conducting research and development in Japan, private companies will receive investment and investment, as well as national subsidies and subsidies. However, in Europe, it is a unique method called "JIP (Joint Industry Project)", and it is possible to proceed with a large business, such as the survey of the blockage effects described above.

The JIP method refers to a technical development project that creates a council mainly for power generation operators and contributes development funds from multiple private companies. We have seen many research presentations that this JIP system has achieved results in a cooperative system in which companies and research institutions with common issues and research institutions are working with a sense of speed.

From now on, we believe that it is important to implement the JIP method in Japan. I realized that the system in which all stakeholders cooperate with all the difficult issues with one company alone is very important for the market with offshore winds to grow correctly.

JIP system system (Rodaway, C., RWE, 2023) in a survey to elucidate the blockage

The development of ICT has expanded the range of data analysis

When a windmill is operated, a large number of data accumulates. In Europe, which is 20 years ahead of Japan in the field of offshore wind power, we are now on a stage where we are thinking about how to use the large amount of data. In this event, not only in the field of style, but also on the use of AI and deep learning was noticeable.

In particular, in the O & M (maintenance and maintenance) field, studies have been conducted to analyze the data accumulated by operation with AI, and that AI, deep learning and technology are being used, which is used to make forecasting and avoid failure. Was increased.

One of the backgrounds is that large -scale calculations can be made by the spread of GPUs, which can process large amounts of data faster than the CPU. A combination of multiple simulation models was performed to analyze complexly, and many technically quite difficult analysis was announced.

In addition, IT companies have entered as official partners, and I have seen IT companies that have been presenting research. In the past, I was only a wind -related business operator, but I felt that I was entering the next stage again.

Outline of large LES simulation using GPU (KANTHARAJU, J., Ge, 2023)

As technology progresses, it may be possible to make windmills for 20 or 30 years in consideration of long -term climate fluctuations.

It can be said that such various analysis and simulation can be made thanks to the many data such as windmills and wind conditions. In order to lower LCOE (Levelized Cost of Electricity), R & D, including data sharing, is also useful.

In Japan, there are few cases in which data share data and conduct R & D. In particular, it is difficult to obtain cases in the ocean, and how to share and create research results is a major issue in the future.

Currently, in Relatech, as part of the NEDO business, in Aomori PrefectureNew test site at Mutsu Ogawahara PortI am making. This is an initiative to create an environment that can share data in Japan, and is exactly one of the ways to solve this data sharing problem.

On the other hand, in EuropeFinoThe public data sharing project has been continuing for 20 years, and now we are implementing a large project with a sense of speed. I realized the strength again.

In the second part, we will tell you about the exhibition and the impression of visiting the huge offshore windschema in northern Denmark.

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As a wind -up consultant, Relatech will conduct an optimal air -based survey using "observation" and "estimation" for wind power. Please feel free to contact us if you have any consultation on the style.