Wind EUROPE 2023 European offshore wind trends (Part 2)

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Wind EUROPE 2023 where research and technology related to European wind power have come together. In the first half, we mentioned the status of symposiums and posters, but in the second half, we will introduce the exhibition and the trend of European wind power that can be seen from it.

The size of Wind EUROPE 2023 exhibition is 10 times that of Japan.
Two trends you want to pay attention to

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In Japan, an international wind power generation exhibition called "Wind EXPO" is held every year, but I felt that the exhibition of Wind Europe 2023 had about 10 times the area and the number of exhibits. There are two major trends that I felt around the exhibition.

Trend ① Expansion of floating offshore wind power

The floating type is a wind -powered power generation that floats on the sea and builds a windmill on it. It is a more difficult technology than a landing type that fixes the foundation to the sea floor.

In Europe, which is blessed with the shallow sea, the introduction of implantation has been promoted ahead. On the other hand, if you are surrounded by deep seas like Japan, the development of the floating style is an urgent task. Japan, which had started a float -style demonstration test on the Goto Islands for about 10 years, was at the forefront of the world.

However, when I participated in Wind Europe 2023, I realized that the situation had changed dramatically. In Europe, the floating style has reached the commercial stage, and Japan has already been overtaken.


Type in the basic format of offshore windmills


Exhibition booth of floating foundation and floating offshore windmills

Not only because you are in trouble with the construction location, but in the current European area of ​​wind power plants to deep waters in search of higher potential in the future. At the exhibition, there were many exhibitions that presented the basics of the floating style and the construction method.

At the conference, there were several floating sessions, and all of those sessions were full, revealing that the floating ceremony was quite exciting in Europe.

The figure below shows the planned amount of floating offshore wind power generation.


Source: Scheduled to introduce floating off -shore winds by country (by 2022)Published informationby)

Ten years ago, Japan ran at the forefront, but now it is less than 10 or less. On the other hand, the East Asian region, including Japan, is said to have the most widespread potential of introducing floating offshore winds. Japan is believed to have the chance to be the center of this market, which is expected in the future. It is important to be able to lead the market with a sense of speed in the future.

In addition, the floating ceremony that builds a windmill offshore has the problem of how to store the generated electricity or transmit power. Since there are abundant seawater around the windmill, it is useful to store electricity in hydrogen, and cases of combining hydrogen and floating offshore windmills were also announced.

Trend ② Floating rider's turbulence strength measurement

The floating rider is a device in which a vertical doppler rider is installed in the floating structure on the sea and the wind in the sky is measured by a laser. Although there are few cases of using it in Japan, I realized that it has been established as a reliable offshore observation technology in Europe.


What was attracting attention as a research and development theme for floating riders this time was the measurement of turbulence strength.

It was very difficult to measure the turbulence on the moving float, and there was a research presentation on how to make up for uprising compensation to measure it accurately. It was concluded that the rider's shaking could greatly improve the accuracy, but Still studies in Europe did not seem to reach the accuracy of turbulent measurements performed using windspast masts.

Kobe University, the headquarters of Relatech, is currently conducting research to increase the accuracy of floating riders' turbulence strength to the wind conditions, but in this research field, it is the most advanced perspective. I realized.

He has a lot of track record in Europe. Nacell Rider's ability


Nacell Rider exhibition at the exhibition (left: Vaisala, right: ZX Lidars)

In 2022, it can be applied to Nassell (the windmill feathers and the center of the tower) to measure the wind situation on the front of the windmill.IEC standardIt is described in (IEC 61400-50-3: 2022) and is widely used in Europe.

You can check if the amount of power generation (power curve) according to the wind speed is obtained, and to detect (yomis alignment) whether the rotor is correctly received. If you observe this in real time and change the settings of the windmill as needed (windmill control), you can use it to prevent efficient windmill operation and failure.

In Japan, the track record of naceliders is still small, and the benefits are not well known. This time, I visited the real Nassell Rider at the exhibition and learned what models there was and how to use it. I would like to make use of this experience in Relatech's services.

Tour of a huge offshore wind power plant and a state of Denmark

After participating in Wind EUROPE 2023, I went to visit Anholt Offshore Wind Farm.



The Anholt Water Wind Power Plant is a huge offshore power plant installed in the Denmark and Sweden category strait, with 111 windmills of 3.6 MW. As of 2013, when the operation began, it was one of the world's largest offshore wind plants, but it was also built one after another, and is now the 26th size in the world. 。

In addition to windmills, I was able to see the infrastructure pulling a transmission line at a substation called a substation.


Anholt Offshore Wind Farm ocean substation (substation)

A masterpiece of 111 units lined up on the sea. I thought this was built 10 years ago, so I was able to think about the difference from Japan.

As an aside, the difference in "working style" was impressive in terms of the difference from Japan. The Denmarks separate their work and private time and work with a sharp work. In the evening, I round up my work and work at night. I will take a vacation firmly. As a person who works in the same industry, I felt that there were many emotions not only for technology but also for such a way of working.


It is a meal I ate at Copenhagen (left photo) and a mermaid princess (right photo). The size of the mermaid princess is 125cm. I felt that it was smaller than I imagined, probably because of the rise as a famous photo spot. What you can see behind the mermaid princessCopenhill"The recreation center is used as an artificial ski resort with a waste energy plant. You can also see offshore windmills such as MiddelGrunden from the rooftop here, so it may be interesting to visit when you come to Copenhagen!


As a wind -up consultant, Relatech will conduct an optimal air -based survey using "observation" and "estimation" for wind power. Please feel free to contact us if you have any consultation on the style.