Corporate philosophy

The word "Rera" means "wind" in the Ainu language that exists in northern Japan.

The Ainu people, who have lived in harmony with nature since ancient times, respect nature and natural phenomena, such as plants and animals, tools and houses, mountains and lakes, believe that "gods" dwell in each of these places, and that humans are a part of nature. We named our company Rera Tech Inc. with the hope that through our services, people's lives, culture, and local communities can develop sustainability and co-exist with the environment.

Vision: Building a planet ideal for our future

Building a coveted planet livable and enjoyable for generations ahead. What we strive to create is a place that any person would long to live in, regardless of the present or the future; a future that is seemingly far, yet unequivocally inevitable.


Designing the future of energy and society through Meteorology and Technology


1. Be Future-oriented Think from a future perspective
2. Be Pioneering Keep updating through research and business
3. Be Collaborative Partner with all kind of parties in industry and academia


Our purpose: 

to offer comprehensive consulting services on measurement and assessment of wind resources for advancement of wind power generation, especially for offshore wind power generation

(1) Connecting academia and industry through Meteorology x ICT

 (2) To be a guide for appropriate installation of wind power generation. 

"Wind survey consultant" specializing in wind power generation