Nesan will be me

While studying at Kobe University's Graduate School of Maritime Sciences, he was involved in the business of NEDO and the Ministry of the Environment, and developed an offshore wind estimation method that combines observational values and numerical simulations. Currently, he is working on the development of a simulation method specializing in meso-microscale in the doctoral course of the department. At the same time, he is enrolled in a power generation company and is involved in land and offshore wind condition analysis and project development in Japan and overseas, as well as windmill selection and procurement, and project certification acquisition. In this project, we will not only contribute to the technical aspects but also investigate the needs of the industry and formulate strategies.


  • 2019: Master of Maritime Science, Kobe University
  • 2019-: Kobe University Doctoral Program (Working Adult)
  • 2019〜:Wind power generation company wind condition analysis, EPC

Key work experience

  • Nedo "Offshore Wind Observation System Demonstration Research (Offshore Wind Map)" Analysis
  • In charge of simulation, Ministry of the Environment, "Construction of regionally-led strategic suitable site extraction method for wind power generation"
  • Offshore Wind Simulation in Offshore Wind Power Generation Project Led by Private Companies
  • Windmill optimization arrangement (microsyting)
  • Windmill procurement
  • Wind condition analysis work related to WF certification, METI construction plan notification
  • Development of on-land and offshore wind power generation at APAC (including some projects by the Ministry of the Environment)
  • Windmill performance analysis, manufacturer consultation and render correspondence after opening of luck

Major research presentations, etc.

  • The inner mountain will be me, Teruo Osawa, Shin Shimada, Tetsuya Ogaki, Satoshi Nakamura, Masaki Furukawa, Ando Nishinichi using steady-state calculations by wind direction based on WRF-LES are examined. Journal of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers B3 (Ocean Development), 2020, 76(2), I_61-I_66.
  • The inner mountain will be me, Teruo Osawa, Ryuzo Araki, Hirohiro Ueda, Kenichi Takaso, Keita Yanagi, Offshore Wind Survey Method Combining WRF-LES and Scanning Rider, The Japanese Society of Wind Energy, 2019, 43(4), pp.70-78.
  • Shogo Uchiyama, Teruo Ohsawa, Takeshi Misaki, Ryuzo Araki, Hiromi Ueda, Keita Azechi, Nemanja Komatinovic, Offshore wind resource assessment on the west coast of AWAJI Island (Comparison between in-situ and WRF-simulated wind speeds), Proc. of Grand Renewable Energy 2018, 2018, O-We-15-4.
  • The inner mountain will be me, Teruo Osawa, Gelald Steinfeld, Detlev Heinemann, Accuracy comparison and examination of multiple datasets used for WRF input values, Summary of Kansai Branch Meeting of the Meteorological Society of Japan (2017 2nd), Vol.143, 2017, pp.34-37.