Technical Notes

Know the current power generation in Europe (Part 1)

The workshop "Windeurope", which promotes the use of wind power in Europe, is held once a year.Windeurope Technology Workshop " In 2021, it was held online, and many wind -powered people gathered and presented and discussed. What is the topic and discussion in Europe, which is at the forefront of wind power? The member of the Relatech who participated in the workshop reports the event twice.

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Know the current power generation in Europe (Part 2)

A workshop "" "Workshop" is a hot discussion of European wind power generation and the most advanced technology.Windeurope Technology Workshop 2021" What kind of topics were being discussed, and what are the Japanese issues compared to Europe? This is the second part of the report of Lela Tech members who participated in the workshop.

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How to evaluate the complex terrain of the wind development site? ~ Quantification of terrain complexity using CCT-

When building a wind power plant in Japan, it is necessary to design a windmill that can withstand the disturbance of the wind due to the terrain. The "Wind Farm Certification and Ground Wind Power Plant Edition (NKRE-GL-WFC01, Edition: JULY 2021)" (hereinafter, "NKRE-GL-WFC01, Edition: JULY 2021) of the Japan Maritime Association, which summarizes the requirements for domestic wind firm certification (hereinafter, WF authentication). NK guidelines are required to properly evaluate whether the development site corresponds to a complex terrain with a large wind disturbance. The indicators are shown in the international standard "IEC61400-1 Ed.4.0: 2019",TSI(Terrain Slope Index; terrain gradient index)TVi(Terrain Variation Index; terrain fluctuation index) and CCT (Turbulence Structure Corraction Parameter) obtained using these indexes).

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